Controlled Credit Corporation

A financial corporation providing grounded collection services to healthcare industry professionals for over 50 years.

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Controlled Credit Corporation's reputation as honest, friendly, and results-oriented was earned predominately by the professional, dedicated, and experienced staff employed here. They strive to produce the best collection results while protecting the integrity of their clients and the privacy and dignity of their customers.




United States-Square.svgCincinnati, OH, United States

Company size

11-50 Employees

What we did

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Website Design

  • 3D

  • Animation

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The Process

We began by conducting extensive research to gain a deep understanding of the intricate healthcare industry. On the other hand, the business objectives were straightforward: pinpoint UX flow deficiencies and enhance the outdated corporate website design.

To lay the foundation, we crafted a contemporary logo design that has since been applied across various brand identity assets to heighten visibility. As for the corporate website, we wanted to maintain our minimalist design approach while incorporating an abstract 3D animation of a DNA helix. This dynamic visual not only captivate users attention, but also symbolizes a fusion of healthcare, technology, and finance sectors.

As a final stage of our collaboration, we focused on enhancing the company's digital and physical presence by developing diverse brand identity and marketing assets.

This project has been selected and featured on DesignRush under best website designs category.

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Online Presence

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Offline Presence

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