A mobile app that helps companies improve their employees’ physical and mental health.

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Peecko is a fitness and wellness mobile app that offers extensive and exclusive video content library to it's users. Their primary focus is helping corporations improve and maintain their employees' physical and mental health.


Wellness, Fitness



Company size

<10 Employees

What we did

  • Logo Design

  • Visual Identity

  • UX Design

  • Mobile App Design

  • Motion Design

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Project Timeline

We follow a robust process in building a product, which starts with understanding the requirement, followed by research, and then coming up with a design strategy, brainstorming ideas, designing and testing the prototypes, and delivering the final product.

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High-Fidelity Wireframes

After conducting thorough initial research, devising a comprehensive design strategy, and solidifying the brand identity, we delved into brainstorming for the product design. We took the time to understand the users and their task flows, and then sketched and validated numerous ideas. Ultimately, we were able to create high-fidelity wireframes that captured the essence of our design direction.

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Design and Interactions

As we advanced through the process, we finalized the wireframes and validated our concepts with the aid of the initial prototypes we had developed. Subsequently, we delved into the visual design stage, crafting the user interface design and constructing working prototypes to demonstrate the in-app experience and user onboarding process.

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Brand Applications

This section expands upon the brand identity work we completed for this project. As we developed the brand's identity, we adopted a forward-thinking approach and envisioned the versatility of the brand mark across diverse applications and mediums, such as print (billboards, business cards, apparel, etc.) and digital platforms (mobile applications, websites, social media, app stores, etc.).

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